steel backed bushings

high-performance steel-backed DU bushing, environmental protection is predicated on steel substrate, the center bronze powder, sintered spherical surface rolling four ethylene (PTFE) and a mix of green polymer material, rolling and sliding bearing. Product is lead-free environmental protection, wear-resisting performance is superb , plastic layer and a copper layer with high strength, fatigue resistance, impact resistant performance may be a great way for a plus .

Can be provided as form:

Straight bushings

Flange bushings

Thrust washer


Non-standard products also are avalidable.


PTFE/Pb composition, 0.01-0.03mm,anti-abrasion material, which form a lubrication film to guard the shaft during machine operational .

bronze powder layer,0.2-0.35mm, which further strengthen the mixture of the plate and PTFE layer. Bronze have good thermal conductivity. It can transfer the warmth which produce

during operation more quickly.

Low-carbon steel, which improve load capacity and warmth transfer.

Copper/tin plating layer, anti-corrosion.


Working under oil free or minim oil condition,maintenance free or simply

need a couple of maintenance.

Resist abrasion,low coefficient of friction long operating life.

Operating in -190℃~+280℃.

Easy to mending,low-noise,non-pollution.

Thin wall,light,which can reduce the rolume of machine.

Forming a transferred film during operation to guard shaft.

Low demand to the shaft even no surface hardness treatment,which lower

the cost of the mating components.

No absorption to water/oil,small coefficient of thermal emption,good

thermal conductivity and size stability.

The back of the steel strip are often plated with various metal,anti-


The products now are utilized in sliding components of various

machines,such as auto machines,piston pump,gear pump,textile

machine,auto-sides machine,injection machine,sports machine,office