Steel and welding characteristics of copper

Steel and copper are two of the most common metals in our lives, the two metals are often used in industrial processes, today we talk about self-lubricating bushing "steel and welding characteristics of copper".

Welding of steel and welding characteristics of copper – copper:

Copper welding is was welder pieces of material (here refers to copper), through heating steel poured copper or pressure or both and, and with or without fill material, makes artifacts of material copper reached Atomic between of built and and formed permanent connection of process process, General for industrial copper welding process in the, artifacts and solder melting formed melting regional, melt pool cooling solidification Hou will formed material Zhijian of connection. In this process, typically want to put pressure on them. Copper welding source of energy there are many, including a gas flame, an electric arc, laser, electron beam, friction, and ultra-wave. Prior to the end of the 19th century, the only welding technology of copper are blacksmiths use metal forging and welding of high strength brass for hundreds of years. Earliest modern welding technology of copper in the late 19th century, first oxygen-arc welding and gas welding, later emergence of resistance welding.