stainless steel flanged bushings

A flanged bushing may be a sort of sleeve bushing with one flanged end. The flanged end extends radially outward. The flange is a bearing surface and one among the various function might be to assist locate the bushing once it's installed. These bushings are utilized in various commercial and industrial applications. Norwood Screw Machine Parts is one among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of top quality flange bushings in diverse specifications.

Beneficial Features of Flange Bushings

The following beneficial features of flange bushings make them fashionable our industrial clients:

The flange helps in positioning and mounting.

Flange bushings are designed to handle both sorts of loads – thrust and radial.

Applications of Flange Bushings

Flange bushings are utilized in applications involving heavy loads at moderate speed or light loads at high speed. a number of the industries and applications using our flange bushings include:


Lawn and Garden

Home Appliances

Recreational Vehicles