sealed flange bearing

Flanged miniature bearings have a solid steel projection on the outer ring. this permits the bearing to be additional simply set in a very housing. The projection also can facilitate to forestall axial movement of the bearing within the event of a thrust load on the bearing. it's easier to keep up the position of a flanged bearing within the housing wherever heaps of vibration is gift. Flanged bearings ar generally used wherever the housing is created from a distinct material and should expand over the bearing outer ring at higher temperatures. The ensuing loose work could permit a non-flanged bearing to maneuver among the housing.

Many of the terribly little flanged bearings ar solely made up of chrome steel as they're not utilized in high load applications and also the price distinction is negligible thanks to the little quantity of steel used. Our smallest flanged miniature bearings are often found on the chrome steel flanged miniature bearing page.

Flanged stainless-steel bearings, with a steel retainer and an appropriate material, are often used at temperatures of 120°C constant or up to 150°C intermittent. on top of these temperatures, the load capability of stainless-steel is reduced and also the steel undergoes additional of a dimensional modification than chrome steel.

Chrome steel flanged bearings aren't corrosion resistant and ar coated with a layer of preservative oil to shield against wet. we tend to don't advocate victimisation these bearings with none material (dry) as they're vulnerable to corrosion. this might even occur whereas in storage or throughout shipping as a results of condensation forming within the protecting packaging.

Most of our stainless-steel flanged miniature bearings are often provided open or with metal shields. The larger sizes is also out there with rubber or Teflon contact seals or low friction non-contact rubber seals. Open flanged bearings ar furnished a light-weight oil lubrication. secure or sealed flanged bearings ar sometimes furnished grease lubrication however secure bearings are often offered with instrument oil for low speed, low friction applications. due to our in-house relubrication facility, these bearings are often offered with client such that oils, greases or dry lubricants.

The standard cage or retainer for a stainless-steel flanged miniature bearing is created from SPCC steel strip. A one-piece crown cage is additional common for the littlest and also the thinnest bearings thanks to house constraints. Larger sizes have a 2 piece ribbon cage.