Plain bearings what classification!

1. non-fluid lubricated bearings

Using rope grease, oil and a drop of oil lubrication, shaft and bearing surfaces are not enough lubricant, liquid oil film is not continuous. Simple structure and friction coefficient is large, wear large.

(1) radial sliding bearing


Clearance between the shaft and the bearing cannot be adjusted, simple structure, shaft from shaft end disassembled. Generally used for low speed and light load and disassembled to allow machine.

B. split

Clearance between the shaft and the bearing can be adjusted, simple installation. When assembling and disassembling of the machine when used this way.

C. appropriate swing in the bearing housings, to fit the shaft produced by bending deflection. For shaft deflection of the occasion, in which spherical plain bearings are suitable for swing bar at the junction of radial load.

(2) the thrust bearing

Common graphic journal bearings, due to the lack of liquid friction conditions, is not completely fluid lubrication be used with radial bearings. To withstand axial locations.