hard steel bushings

A combination of stuff and purpose-designed heat treatments to raised enhance the mechanical options of the piece. This ensures AN high products’ performance, longer service life and permits greasing intervals up to 550 h.

Standard bushings. the road of normal bushes with tolerances (Ø Outside u6 – Ø within C8) that endure casehardening and tempering treatment with casehardening depth of zero.8-1 metric linear unit and Hardness HRC 58-62.

Special execution bushings. Special bushes, plain with spiroil or with within groove with spiroil, made on demand.


The steel bushings are often employed in numerous fields/sectors:

- Construction instrumentality (excavators, loaders, etc…)

- Drilling machinery

- Agricultural machinery (power harrows, ploughs, rear excavators, etc…)

- instrumentality (grabs, buckets, grippers, etc…)

- Hydraulic cylinders (protection against wear of bottoms and eyelets)