Categories and routine inspections

First, importance of bearings in machinery and equipment

Bearing in "speed overload" running process in the, by motor rotating conversion into mechanical power can and WQZ since lubrication bearing change movement direction, it of using life length on MPBZ no oil lining sets improve equipment running rate, and productivity up to key parts of role, so in production among, usually strengthening on equipment bearing regularly of tour check, and refueling, and for oil, and conservation work extremely important.

Second, the classification of bearings

Bearings can be divided into two broad categories, namely, plain bearings and roller bearings. Sliding bearing has two forms: the first, fixed, bearing and the bearing seat integrated cast, LFB Oilless bushing two split, split bearing and housing. This form easy to repair. Rolling bearings can be divided into four forms:

① thrust bearings, bearing axial loads;