All About the Four Bolt Flange Bearing

The most commonly used type of Four Bolt Bearing is the Pinion or Cross bolt. Other names are Pinion, Torque Flange and Torsion. A four bolt bearing is often referred to as a Pinion or Crossbolt as it is used in almost all cases where a hearing is required for a wheel bearing assembly. These bearings are widely used in a variety of industries and can be found in many different applications.

In the aerospace industry the use of a Four Bolt Bearing is common especially on external cargo containers. This bearing is commonly found on wing sections, centre section landing gears, wing nuts, strut servicing pods and pylons and landing gear extensions. It is also found on landing gears, horizontal stabilizers and control surfaces on landing gears and can even be found on the bottom of internal airplane structures. Most suppliers will stock a range of different four bolt bearings so finding one that you need is not too difficult.

As with any part of machinery that involves bolts and bearings there are many different kinds available. It is important to ensure that you buy a bearing that is of the correct size to match the correct wheels that you are using it with. If you are unsure of the proper bolt size to use then it is advisable to consult an expert before making a purchase. This could potentially save you a lot of time and money if you were to purchase the wrong bearing.

Another important consideration when buying a Bearing is what wheel size you require. The standard and most common type of Four Bolt Bearing is a 9mm diameter circular disc which can be used on most cars and most trucks. However other manufacturers have introduced their own ranges such as transmissions and drive train options. They can be used on trucks, motorbikes, boats and bicycles. Some suppliers will stock a range of options depending on what you are looking for and how many pairs you require.

When fitting your new Bearing it is very important to have accurate measurements of the wheel and caliper areas. You should also make sure that the wheel is on a level surface. The purpose of this is to prevent ground effect which will affect the bearing and its performance. This also makes it more likely to bind up during use.

Installing a four bolt wheel spindle is not that difficult. It does however require certain tools and knowledge of how the entire process works. It is also worth considering paying someone to carry out the work for you as it can be quite complicated. If you are confident of doing the job yourself then it is worth calling in a professional to help you.