Tin Bronze Alloy Bushing

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Tin bronze alloy bushing

Bronze with tin as the main alloying element. Tin content is generally between 3 ~ 14%, mainly used for making elastic components and wear-resistant parts. The tin content of deformed tin bronze is not more than 8%, and sometimes phosphorus, lead, zinc and other elements are added. Phosphorus is a good deoxidizer and improves mobility and wear resistance. The machinability and wear resistance of tin bronze can be improved by adding lead, and the casting performance can be improved by adding zinc. This alloy has high mechanical properties, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, free cutting, good brazing and welding performance, small shrinkage coefficient, no magnetism. The coatings such as bronze bushing, axle sleeve and diamagnetic element can be prepared by wire flame spraying and arc spraying. Size 1.6 mm, 2.3 mm Ф Ф. With high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent casting performance, it has been widely used in various industrial sectors for a long time.


Tin bronze is the most widely used and largest consumption in electrical and electronic industry, accounting for more than half of the total consumption. Switches and printed circuit boards for various types of cables and conductors, motors and transformers are used in the manufacture of industrial valves and fittings, gauges, plain bearings, moulds, heat exchangers and pumps in the manufacture of machinery and transport vehicles. In the chemical industry is widely used in the manufacture of vacuum, distillation pot, brewing pot, etc. In the defense industry, copper is used to make bullets, shells, gun parts and so on. For every 3 million bullets produced, 130-140 tons of copper are needed. In the construction industry, used for a variety of pipes, pipe accessories, decorative devices.

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