Steel Base Copper Alloy Bimetal Guide Sleeve

Product Details
RCB-400 Bimetallic guide sleeve 
微信图片_20200427093511_副本.jpgBasic characteristics

The product is based on high-quality low-carbon steel 45 #, and its surface sintered copper alloy ZQPb30 powder metallurgy,an oil groove is added to the copper alloy layer of the inner ring to facilitate oil storage.And the product has strong binding force, has the mechanical properties of steel and the friction reducing performance of copper alloy.

Chemical Composition(%)

45# steel0.42~0.50≤0.250.50~0.80≤0.25



Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength(MPa)≥600
Yield Strength(MPa)≥355
Hardness HB ≤197

Application Scope

The copper-steel infiltrated composite structure product is widely used.At present, it has been applied in industries such as aviation, ships, engine groups, heavy-duty units, railway locomotives and trucks, hydraulic and thermal power generation equipment, machinery manufacturing, petroleum machinery, forging, mining machinery and other industries.

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